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In with wine and out with love…finishing that job you didn't enjoy so much!

Don't get me wrong...I love my job and I'm lucky to be able to do it from home, but sometimes when a tough job is finished, the relief of having it gone is huge! And you need a ten tonne weight tied to your feet to stop you floating away with elation (no I'm not over-stating it).

Don't let anyone tell you that working from home is stress-free because it's not. Like any other job you have to juggle multiple projects and deadlines, do horrible bookwork (yick), and manage the clients! It's all relative of course, and all industries have good and not-so-good clients. For the most part I'm very lucky to have some awesome clients and we work together well through mutual respect. But every now and then a client comes along who you'd rather not have.

I know that sounds awful, but let's be honest, some clients aren't worth the amount of stress and rework they create. I do always stay professional—even though inside I have not nice thoughts running through my head—but at the same time it's exhausting. Everyone has their own strengths and generally that's why they do the job they do...and well. So please don't merely pay lip service to the term "oh you're the expert I'll listen to you" and then do the opposite and undermine your provider's expertise. Not only is it disrespectful but it creates a ridiculous amount of unnecessary rework and doesn't make for a pleasant experience for either party. My time is just as valuable as yours and the past seven months have been manic to say the least.

I love dealing with honest, open and genuine people :) Say what you mean, albeit diplomatically, and the wheels of graphic design work much better—so a two month job needn't take six months. with wine and out with love!! Love you all ;)

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