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A sea of pink with a dash of green… The Produce Princess

It's now 2 weeks since the hugely successful 'International Women's Day Fun Run' in Brisbane, where over 8,000 women ran/jogged/walked/strolled to help raise money for breast cancer.

My very special client, Produce Princess, teamed up with Lorna Jane to host the finish line tent—where runners could tuck into some beautiful, healthy fruit and water to replenish their bodies (supplied by Produce Princess). Not only did the organisers congratulate Produce Princess on her outstanding looking fruit stand (with banners, posters, stickers, signage and flyers designed by me!), but the day also raised over $180,000 for breast cancer - AMAZING effort!

Such a great job done by Virginya and her dedicated team, including Zooma Signs who printed the banners. And yes, of course this is a shameless plug for Nettie Dunne Graphic Design and Illustration ;).

We only had a few short days to pull everthing together, but Produce Princess rallied her supporters and produced a visually stunning 'sea of pink with a dash of green'. We LOVE PP!

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