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Family Trees and Reunions…love them or hate them?

I LOVE them!! I come from a really great family—no true, I really do. So I love family get togethers and family history. This is also where my love of history in general comes from - I done a number of books now for schools and families and I totally get sucked into the content and the photos.

In early October the O'Connell family had a massive 'Camp Cousins' family reunion at a perfect venue on the Darling Downs - Adora Downs, Mt Tyson. It's a rustic farmstay of sorts, and formed the best backdrop for the weekend-long party.

So what's involved in pulling together a big reunion? LOTS, but the fun part is producing all the accompanying collateral - a bit like a wedding really:

  • family trees x 6

  • name tags x 60 odd

  • menus

  • itinerary

  • invitations

  • flyers

Here's one of the family trees that was on display and the name tag 'legend' to help everyone determine who were direct descendents and who were 'outlaws'!! ;)

Can't pick your family, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

O'Connell family tree.jpg
Reunion name tag legend.jpg

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