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So this is me...

Love this pic...unfortunately I don't always look this glamorous!! But a friend, Anika Betts, was kind enough to take some lovely photos of me for my birthday a couple of years ago.

As my husband looks over my first blog, he looks at the photo then looks back to me barely containing his humour...ever so sincere, he says "Oh honey, don't underestimate your beauty!" Then I get it, I'm sitting next to him wearing my facial mud mask, and my new hair colour that is 'processing'!! Maybe not so glamorous after all - rucky I have a sense of humour too!

So why have I started a blog? Good question that I don't think I know the answer to! I like the idea of putting some of my thoughts, ideas, irrits down here just to debrief...but fear not, they won't be long-winded - no time for that.


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