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HELLO wet season

Living in the tropics is, well...WET! At the moment it is raining cats and dogs in Far North Queensland (Australia), and my yard and garden is awash with water and extremely spongy ground! Here is a pic of my front yard (in the torrential rain) with my fish pond in the centre...I'm afraid my poor little guppies are drowning!

Now don't get me wrong, I love living in the tropics, but I really detest the mould in the wet season. No matter how much circulation I have in my house, and how much cleaning I do, and how much Oil of Cloves I use (by the doesn't work in my house!), the mould makes an unwelcome visit each year.

Whilst I begrudgingly clean—a lot—my heart breaks most for the artworks I have created or purchased from other artists. Even the beautifully framed works get mouldy behind the glass which continues to grow. It appears the only fix is to re-matt and replace the glass which is an expensive task. I've also heard that 7 parts metho to 3 parts water carefully applied to artwork is one way to clean the mould, and then finish off with a liberal spray of Glen20 to kill the spores. But one must proceed with caution! Nothing worse than accidentally destroying a beautiful piece of art.

So basically I just have to suck it up, keep cleaning, and continue to 'circulate' the air. It's part of living in this beautiful part of the world. The ducks love it!!!

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