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When artwork goes wrong!

yep - it happens! The very unfortunate placement of a hinge on the back of a bus...suddenly the image becomes rude! OMG!

Here is the artwork I did for the Apple Tree Medical centre for the back of a bus. On the original template, the position of the hinge was definitely not where it ended up! For the record, it was 'on' the man's leg, not 'between' his legs! aargh.

What can you do - it's there now. Well if nothing else, it will be a talking point for drivers who happen to be travelling behind the bus and I'm sure they'll have a little chuckle at this dude's bits.

When the client sent me this image I was in fits of laughter and had to be scraped off the floor. Gotta see the funny side of things! Hope you can too :)

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