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ahhhh the serenity...

For an ever so brief moment...I exhale...

Today I sent my little, nearly 4 years old, boy off to his very first day of Kindy. Whilst I love the little angel, he drives me mental - a lot - so I'm just taking a little breath on my special deck chair and admiring my wonderful tropical garden.

I have 5.5 hours until my serenity is invaded by his incessant chatter - with his knack for being able to insert the word 'actually' into every single sentence! It does make for some interesting conversations, however he's never wrong apparently! "Mummy, I actually saw a crocodile in that creek". "Is that right? But there are no crocodiles in these creeks". "Actually Mummy there are". "No there's not" "Yes there are" and so it goes.

Whilst I get frustrated, my hubby gives me that oh so familiar knowing look that says "You are both so much alike that it's scary!"

Hmmmm, maybe so, but it still drives me nuts!!!!!!!!

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