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I'm an artist…I don't do maths!!

Huh? MYOB! Does that stand for 'my yoyo obsession with brie'??

So I have a tax bill. Whilst I am surprised, my hubby shakes his head knowingly. You see I'm an artist, I don't do maths. My husband can calculate figures with lots of numbers and decimal places in his head - I cannot.

Just for fun and his amusement, my dear husband will often throw figures, percentages, fractions etc into a conversation just to relish the blank look on my face. As we say in Australia, "that one went straight through to the wicket keeper". For me it's all about making things look good, I don't need to waste my time on excruciating calculations, that I inevitably get wrong.

But I do have a accounting angel in my midst, the lovely Cheryl, whom every email I send her starts with an exasperating "So...I'm doing my bookwork and MYOB isn't letting me do what I want to do! What have I done wrong this time?" She loves a good chuckle, but soon rights my course in the ocean of MYOB and tax. Bless her!

So to the Tax Office, okay I get that I have a bill, and yes, I will pay it...eventually!


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